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The Weekend-Courier

A special service from MIETWAGEN LOHFINK

We charge normally only the drive from pick-up- to the delivery-point, if the pick-up-point is not more than 30km/18 miles away from our home - picking up something somewhere and deliver to Munich area charging will made from pick-up point .

For example, you order us to Munich for picking up something - drive for pick-up is free. You send us to Stuttgart for pick-up and delivery to somewhere (but not in direction Munich) - distance to Stuttgart minus 30 km will be charged and added to the delivery kilometers.

Distance till 500 km

per Kilometer $ 1,10 including German tax

" 501 - 1000 km

per Kilometer $ 1,00 including German tax

" 1001 - 1500 km

per Kilometer $ 0,95 including German tax

" more than 1501 km

per Kilometer $ 0,90 including German tax

Delivery for airfreight to Munich airport (no free km/miles !)

each Kilometer $ 1,10 including German tax

Processing charge for airfreight

$ 70,00

Airfreight charge

will be calculated by forwarding agent

Not included - will be added

road toll in other European countries

Feel free to contact us - do not look on the time - we are always available for your needs. If you call, ask for George first.

All following phone numbers are 24 hours a day reachable:

Main phone: 0049 8105 9358 - Cellular phone 0049 172 9607143 - Private phone0049 8134 558720

(if you are in Germany, dial without "0049", but with one "0")


for other contacts (not in case of emergency) you can use

fax : 0049 8105 379751 or e-Mail :

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